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This Site is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. Except as specifically permitted by terms of this Site, any copy, other reproduction, display, performance or retransmission of all or any of the contents of this Site is strictly prohibited. Scott Oliver Law reserves all rights. For more information, see the section below, “Notice Concerning the Use of Documents, Images and Information on this Site.”

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Every user who visits this Site does so at his or her own risk. Scott Oliver Law makes no representations or warranties of any kind as to (a) the accuracy or completeness of the information or materials contained in this Site, and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the contents of this Site; (b) the availability for use of any copyrighted, trademark or otherwise proprietary materials of third parties which may appear in this Site; (c) the presence of computer viruses or other programming issues which third parties may embed in or attach to this Site without Scott Oliver Law’s knowledge or consent; (d) any software made available for downloading, copying or other use through this Site; or (e) the merchantability, fitness for use, title and/or non-infringement of any or all of the contents of this Site. Regarding communications with Scott Oliver Law through this Site, Scott Oliver Law makes no representation or warranty concerning the security of any data transmitted to Scott Oliver Law, including information relating to potential employment or applications therefore, or any other matter. Scott Oliver Law shall treat any data or information transmitted to Scott Oliver Law through this Site as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Neither Scott Oliver Law nor any other party involved in the creation, production or delivery of this Site, or whose materials or information appear in this Site assumes or accepts any liability, regardless of whether based on contract, negligence, intentional wrongdoing or liability without fault, for any costs, losses, damages (whether direct, indirect, compensatory, special, lost profits, liquidated, consequential or punitive), arising out of or in any way in connection with the user’s access to, browsing of or use of this Site or any of the contents of this Site, without regard to the source of such contents, or with the unavailability or failure of performance of this Site for any reason.

Notice Concerning the Use of Documents, Images and Information on This Site

Documents, Images and Information Proprietary to Scott Oliver Law

Documents, images and information proprietary to Scott Oliver Law including the contents of descriptions of Scott Oliver Law’s businesses, biographical descriptions of its representatives and personnel, press releases and other public notices, together with any associated graphic elements (collectively referred to as “Scott Oliver Law Materials”), may be copied, reproduced, downloaded or otherwise used provided the following terms are adhered to strictly: Copyright notice in the form “© 2010 – 2011 Scott Oliver Law. Used With Permission of Scott Oliver Law. All Rights Reserved.” must appear in every copy or reproduction of such Scott Oliver Law Materials. The Scott Oliver Law Materials may be used solely for non-commercial purposes such as informational, entertainment and personal use, and shall not be further copied, uploaded to any network, intranet or Internet, rebroadcast or retransmitted, or otherwise disseminated in any medium without the express written permission of Scott Oliver Law. The Scott Oliver Law Materials may only be used in their entirety, without alteration, editing, condensation or editorial comment, and any graphical elements contained in the Scott Oliver Law Materials may not be used separately from the other elements with which they are associated. The Scott Oliver Law Materials shall not be used to ridicule, disparage, harass or annoy any client of Scott Oliver Law.

No other use of Scott Oliver Law Materials shall be permitted. The Scott Oliver Law Materials available for use as set forth above do not include the design, layout, arrangement or distinctive elements of this Site, or of any other Internet Web site maintained by Scott Oliver Law or its divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

Documents, Images, Information and Other Materials Proprietary to Others

The contents of this Site may from time to time contain documents, images, information and other materials not proprietary to Scott Oliver Law, such as photographs, clip art, film clips, musical passages, audio track or sound effect elements, or the names, trade names, trademarks, logos or designations of third parties (including present and past clients of Scott Oliver Law or its featured personnel). All such materials will be referred to as “Non-Scott Oliver Law Materials.” Non-Scott Oliver Law Materials may also include from time to time articles, data, information, images, artwork, graphics, music, audio or other elements published in newspapers, magazines or other media or venues, and may include the name, trade name or trademark of the medium or venue in which such materials were published. Any use whatsoever of any Non-Scott Oliver Law Materials is strictly prohibited unless the prior written permission of the appropriate third parties has been secured.


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Unsolicited Materials

Please note that it is a policy of Scott Oliver Law not to accept or consider unsolicited creative, production-related or other materials of any kind. Scott Oliver Law will consider any and all materials, including proposals, ideas, concepts, drafts, rough cuts or finished work product submitted through this Site, not to be confidential or proprietary and to be freely available for use without compensation or payment of any kind.


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